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Helping Success Find You  |  App Version 4.0

We are excited to announce the next generation of our Gray Institute mobile phone app and client app, HomeFit+. This new version is designed to build and enhance the connection between movement professionals and the patients/clients you serve. Below is a list of what you can expect from these new apps for Apple and Android devices starting on November 15, 2023.

Gray Institute App:

    • NEW! Gain access to even more cutting-edge content, workouts, and client services using our new subscription services. Visit our New Subscription Options section below for pricing. Here is a brief summary of the new services:
        1. Our Movement Professional Locator provides a way for Gray-Institute-certified professionals to be found by new clients and patients! Prospective clients & patients can locate and contact you via our searchable database on and on the HomeFit+ Mobile App if you’re subscribed to this service. Professionals will be able to customize the profile seen by prospective customers, including a brief bio, website, social media links, and email address. A listing of your Gray Institute certifications and specializations will also be listed. Note: Professionals must hold a Gray Institute certification or specialization to be a subscriber to this service, including FAFS, FMR, 3DMAPS, CAFS, Active Aging, Female Chain Reaction®, Foot/Ankle Specialization, Functional Golf Specialist, Functional Soft Tissue Transformation, and Function Yoga System.
        2. Webinar Library Subscription – Level up your understanding and application of Applied Functional Science by accessing our back catalog of webinars. Users of our free app will maintain access to the last five webinars only.
        3. Workout Templates Subscription – Gain access to over 250 workouts and programs you can use today with your clients & patients!
        4. By subscribing to our Unlimited Clients service, you can increase your ability to serve and maintain communication with as many clients or patients as you desire.
        5. Our new Trainer+ premium subscription adds access to all of these services at one low monthly price.
    • NEW! The 3DMAPS Screen now gives you the ability to add localized concerns (workouts) along with the 3DMAPS Performance Workout. Select the 3DMAPS Performance Track and the Localized Workout to dispense workouts to your patients/clients instantly.
    • NEW! The 3DMAPS Screen now allows you to film your patient/client performing all or specific performance chains. When Coaches review these videos, they can respond and/or design workouts for that patient/client.
    • NEW! A Notes feature is now available for Gray Institute app users! After each session, you can input session notes and habits that you would like your patient/client to work on prior to their next session.

HomeFit+ App:

    • Within the Coach tab, your patient/client can view their assessment notes from their screen along with videos of themselves performing the 3DMAPS Performance Chains.
    • Within the Coach tab, users can view the session notes from each of their dated sessions. Sections include mindset, movement, recovery, and associated habits you have assigned.
    • Within the Coach tab, the goals section has been enhanced with charts and graphs to view their progressions.
    • The app’s main page now includes the latest content for helpful blogs, vlogs, and podcasts.
    • The Content Tab now includes informative and educational Webinars.
    • The app’s main page now includes the Gray Institute Movement Professional Locator! Users, like your clients & patients, can share your profile with a friend or locate a movement professional if they are not already working with one.

Impacted Users:

      • For those who have utilized the mobile app for coaching their patients/clients, you will need to upgrade to the unlimited client subscription beyond the first 3 patients/clients. If you choose not to, your current clients will still be able to view their workouts. However, there will be no future modifications to their client accounts.
      • For those currently subscribed to GI Workouts Templates you will need to ensure you have either added on the Unlimited Client subscription or unsubscribed to GI Templates (current app) and then subscribe to Trainer+ in the new version of the app. 
      • For current app users who would like to join the Gray Institute Movement Professional Locator, you must subscribe within the More Tab. Within the More Tab, select Edit My Profile to subscribe.

New Subscription Options

Powerful Tools to Accelerate Your Career and Empower Your Clients

Free Features Include:

  • Instantly access to our latest 5 webinars 
  • Access to Gray Institute Faculty Members in our forum
  • Invite up to 3 clients/patients for free to assess, analyze, and design
  • Access to our exclusive exercise libraries
  • Access to select Gray Institute articles, blogs, and media
  • Access to advanced features via subscription (*some features require passing a Gray Institute certification, specialization, or credential course)


Explore various topics to create a successful on-boarding experience with the Gray Institute app. Topics include:

    • Inviting a client into our client app HomeFit+
    • Utilizing 3DMAPS® Screening tool
    • Developing workouts
    • Exploring educational tools
    • and much more…

Click below or explore in the Gray Institute app in the “More” section.


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