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It can be overwhelming to create and deliver custom workouts for everyone. We’ve done the hard work for you by designing over 200 workouts and programs you can use today!

Would you like to have the ability to send a new workout to your patient / client with a touch of your finger?

Would you like to feel confident the workout you are sending will create the environment for success?

Would you like to enhance your understanding of program design to build your own personalized templates?

Workout Templates Designed For:

From Integrated to
Localized Needs

Push/Power, Ground-to-Stand,
and Lifting

Steady State to High
Intensity Workouts

3D Workouts to Enhance
Power on Demand

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Build A Strong Connection With Your Patient / Client When They Are Outside Your Clinic.

There are four key principles on designing Self-Care programs for your patients / clients.

1. Programs must be Mobile & Portable: Workouts must be accessible to the patient / client anywhere. At-home, gym, or travel.

2. Programs must be Self-Care First: Movement Professionals must think of the self-care program first, the in-clinic sessions are an enhanced version of their self-care program.

3. Programs must be Individualized: Programs are built to meet the needs and goals of the patient / client.

4. Programs must be Measurable: The workouts must align with the goals and be quatifiable to inspire adherence to.


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Explore various topics to create a successful on-boarding experience with the Gray Institute app. Topics include:

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    • and much more…

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